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All about community.

We are the leading social website provider for those that are passionate about their community. We give you the platform to build an online hub for the people you want to connect with.

With all your favorite social features, hosting and expanding your community is simple when you have all the right tools.

The one social platform for all your community’s needs.

We believe that your website should look just the way you want it. And it should be simple and straightforward to customize it in every aspect. So whatever your individual community may be, it can have the potential to grow online.

Example Sites

Our users have really utilized the SocialGO platforms to the best of its capabilities, and made some outstanding websites that have fostered strong communities and networks. Each one possesses a unique and individually designed composition, but all of them make the most of social features that promote sharing and communicating amongst members.

  • Music Rascal
    Music Rascal
  • My Slip Case
    My Slip Case
  • Coq Amok
    Coq Amok
  • Chain Reaction Bikes
    Chain Reaction Bikes
  • Clubbing Network
    Clubbing Network
  • Debtless Community
    Debtless Community
  • Everything Sucks TV
    Everything Sucks TV
  • fort worth real estate
    Fort Worth Real Estate
  • Haynet
  • kid start connect
    kid Start Connect
  • milk Crate Music
    Milk Crate Music
  • milwaukee community service corps
    Milwaukee Community Service Corps
  • Mr Ministry Man
    Mt Ministry Man
  • Offshore Technology Reports
    Offshore Technology Reports
  • Oil and Gas Community
    Oil and Gas Community
  • Prinsesjes Op De Erwt
    Prinsesjes Op De Erwt
  • Rides
  • Tattersalls Hotel
    Tattersalls Hotel
  • The Blue Marble
    The Blue Marble
  • Women Say So
    Women Say So
  • XBL Gamer Hub
    XBL Gamer Hub
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  • Compared to other services, SocialGO Pro offers the kind of visibility and interconnection between services that I could only achieve previously by tediously updating several portals manually. - Dem From Coq Amok
  • The software is beautifully simple. We have a team of administrators with a range of technical expertise, and they all managed to build professional-looking pages. - Travis From Catalis Online
  • My community has grown rapidly over the last 18 months, as the SocialGO Pro format is great for members to communicate with each other. I simply could not have succeeded and grown my community without it. - Sam From Haynet
  • We found SocialGO Pro a very customizable platform, and one that serves the needs of our members really well. - Veli From Kid Start Connect
  • SocialGO Classic is simple and easy to use, and it looks so great too. By far the best place I’ve found to build a social networking community, and they offer it all for reasonable prices. - John From OMGr8573
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