SocialGO Launches ‘Layout Manager’

SocialGO launches the ‘Layout Manager’ to give anyone and everyone developer-like customization opportunities without writing a single line of code! Watch the following demonstration video (17mns, get a cup of coffee first) Or read the following information release, the platform that allows anyone to create a social network site in less than 2 minutes, […]

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‘I love social networking and see it as the future of brand marketing,’ says Dave McCullough, founder of, a network of developers, creatives, clients, and investors using the SocialGO platform to manage their working relationships and to keep members up to date with the team’s latest ideas and information. Services provided include the building […]

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New Network Design Templates

Greetings, networkers! We have more than a dozen new design templates for you to choose from: from richly-colored gradients to an African sunset, feel free to choose the one you think will give your network some of the visual flair it might need! To access these templates, among others, please launch your Admin Center and […]

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