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Mum’s the Word

Although we offer design pro services for Concierge account holders and anyone who purchases one of our helpful Pro Services, there is always the option to design it yourself. Or, in the case of Penny Tee, owner of the We … Continue reading

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Heavy Petting

From LOL cats to sneeezing pandas, it seems everyone on the internet loves animals. It is a fascination that both people of all ages can enjoy and social networks are the best way for them to get together online. While … Continue reading

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SocialGO is a Great Marketing Tool

When the owners of Earthlings started their SocialGO network, they weren’t yet ready to sell their baby clothing products. Even so, they persevered and built a healthy, online community so that when they were ready to sell, they had constant … Continue reading

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The 150 Member Chasm

Filling your network with members is often the most challenging part of building a network.  In particular, getting through what we call “The 150 Members Chasm” is at the centre of this challenge. What is “The 150 Member  Chasm”?  This … Continue reading

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SocialGO, a Safe Bet for Lottery Funding

Social networking sites have extraordinary potential to be used as arenas for public discussion. Large organisations, like the Big Lottery Fund who award funds from The National Lottery, have seized this opportunity. They have chosen SocialGO as the host for … Continue reading

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