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SocialGO On FOX News

FOX News’ resident Social Surfer, Samantha Badger aka SamOnCam has done a feature on SocialGO for FOX news. The media has cottoned on to the fantastic opportunities SocialGO provides savvy internet users, regardless of how experienced they are. “Whether you … Continue reading

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SocialGO Version 2 is coming

We are excited. After a year of hard work on our new platform, we are fast approaching the point where you can get involved. The SocialGO Version 2 platform has been the primary focus of our development team for the … Continue reading

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Dreams Come True at Dream Commander

Many people have life goals they are unable to pursue because they aren’t properly motivated by the people in their lives. “My site,” says David Carus, founder of, “is about people achieving their goals with social media. People can … Continue reading

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