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Being a Tribe Leader

Seth Godin delivered a truly inspirational speech at TED back in 2009 entitled “The tribes we lead“. It focused around the concept of tribes, and how tribe leaders drive purposeful and strong movements that can create change to the status quo. If … Continue reading

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Sony Is Pushing PS4 Social Features

We may want Sony to focus only on PS4 games, but we live in a social-media world with a social-media market. Sony has spent a lot of time last night talking about social integration and how the system will be a … Continue reading

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Forever Alone says: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So it’s a Thursday. In February. And apparently, it’s this Valentine guy’s day, or something. Who knows? As lovey-dovey couples join together to spend ridiculous amounts on heart-shaped chocolates (which, as I found out last year, taste NOTHING like hearts), … Continue reading

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Social Media Trends

  The future of social media is rarely predictable. Pinterest had an unexpected explosive growth over the last year. There will always be surprises, but there are also some emerging and continuing  social media trends that we can both track … Continue reading

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LoNyLa at Digital Shoreditch

One of our dedicated SocialGOers, LoNyLa, is pitching to speak at the Digital Shoreditch! Go on and show your support by visiting their page here! Their creative workshop, titled “Presence – Morphing Time/Space in Art and Entertainment”, will answer the … Continue reading

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New languages now available on SocialGO!

We want to make sure that you’re connecting with everyone that your community encompasses, and more. So to facilitate your global approach, we’ve now added Spanish, French, German and Dutch to the available languages on SocialGO! And don’t forget: We … Continue reading

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Top 3 Favourite Apps to Supplement Your Instagram

If you’ve read my previous blog post introducing Instagram, you should be happily snapping retro pics of airport departure gates, pets wearing glasses, and ominous clouds by now! If you haven’t: Go learn you some! Taking photos of your cappuccino may now seem … Continue reading

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We’re moving servers!

At the SocialGO Headquarters (also known as the SocialGO BungaLO), we try our very best to provide you with the greatest service we can. We’ll do what we can to ensure that your site is in the best possible place … Continue reading

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