About SocialGO

The Elevator Pitch

SocialGO is a service that allows anyone to create a professional-grade social network for their group, business or interest. Each social network created on the platform is independent and can be completely customized from it’s look and feel through to its privacy options, features and permissions.

Businesses, entrepreneurs and groups are using SocialGO to build meaningful relationships with their customers, build communities around their brand or build a strong communication channel to their members. SocialGO’s unrivalled monetization features are allowing thousands of our members to build direct revenue streams from our network.

SocialGO is focused on offering a premium service and offers free export of data at any time, unrivalled support and a localised hosting infrastructure giving you a solid foundation to build your social network on. We have servers throughout the UK and the US and have an on-call team monitoring and responding to network issues should they arise. We also operate multi-site backups to ensure that your data is never lost.

Corporate Information

SocialGO was founded by Alex Halliday, Steve Hardman and Dominic Wheatley in 2007 and launched in February 2009. SocialGO is part of SocialGO PLC, a public company quoted on the AIM Stock Exchange. More information can be found at http://www.socialgoplc.com/

SocialGO is based in Shoreditch, London with an office in Silicon Valley to serve our rapidly growing North American client base.

Product Information

SocialGO Blog – http://socialgo-com.stackstaging.com/blog/blog/
SocialGO Owners Network – http://owners.socialgo.com/
Follow @SocialGO – http://twitter.com/socialgo

Contact Details

New or existing customers click here to get in contact with our support team.

Alex Halliday, CEO

Business Development
Steve Hardman, COO

Sarah McManus, Financial Controller

Developer Relations
Niall Giggins
3rd Party Program Manager

Last Updated : Feb 2011