Being a Tribe Leader

Seth Godin delivered a truly inspirational speech at TED back in 2009 entitled “The tribes we lead“. It focused around the concept of tribes, and how tribe leaders drive purposeful and strong movements that can create change to the status quo. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth sparing some time later today to give it a watch here.

I wanted to spotlight this talk in particular due to its interesting titular theme: the tribe mentality. In a nutshell, Godin suggests that we have moved on from the mass media advertising of the previous age where effectively it was just about inputing enough money into the message, and throwing it out to enough people. Instead, it is now about finding like-minded people that are just as committed and passionate as you are about your unique message. You don’t need a million people; you just need one thousand that cared enough. And that would be sufficient for your tribe to then spread the message to other tribes, and to form tribes amongst themselves. With the power of dedicated followers, you could create a movement, and implement realistic change.

We here at SocialGO believe in that tribe and community power. Nothing has more momentum than a group that is truly committed and dedicated. We could get a million people to follow us in the flan community, but they wouldn’t be nearly as powerful as one thousand people who genuinely love flan, whom share the same passion and drive to promote this wondrous dessert to the world. This is because they have a purpose, and they care enough to move forward together. Once they can connect with one another, that single passionate person now becomes a team of equally enthusiastic followers. Together, they possess even more influential strength. As they say: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

My favourite quote from Goddin’s TED talk was this: “The Beatles did not invent teenagers; they merely decided to lead them.” To be able to harness that incredible tribe power, they must have a leader. Essentially, the community is already there; they just don’t know it yet. It is up to a great leader to find them and pull them together, and then go on to create something awesome. And that great leader… is you.

We’re all about the community here. And hopefully, we hope to provide a service where you can build and manage an online social home for your community. Tell us what you think about tribes, and what kind of tribe you lead!

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