Featured Network: ‘TrikePilot’

TrikePilot (http://trikepilot.socialgo.com) was set up by a microlight, or ‘trike’ enthusiast. He had an existing community on a networking site, but found SocialGO offered many features he was missing, so invited all his members to sign-up to his new, improved network.

Flying trikes is a very niche hobby with enthusiasts all over the world that love to communicate, share experiences, photos and videos about there passion for flying.  As they have a very broad age range it was important for the network creator to provide a network that would easily allow members of all ages and experience to communicate with each other.  With SocialGO, he was able to provide a place for users to upload videos of their flights, take-offs and general flying experiences, and more importantly, users were able to tag their videos, so they’re really easily found by other members.

With over 300 users, the TrikePilot magazine has also become very active, with users sharing news, stories and experiences with other members.  The Groups tool has proved to be really useful too, in helping members with specific similarities come together, or to form groups of members in certain geographic areas, and the powerful ‘Advanced Search’ feature has been useful in finding nearby enthusiasts too!


Spencer, the owner of TrikePilot said “All of the things that we need to build a custom social network site are already standard at SocialGO.  There is loads of great functionality that will connect my members all over the world.  We are also looking at selling advertising to suppliers of the trike pilot industry and expect to be making money soon from the network.”

TrikePilot blog

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