Forever Alone says: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So it’s a Thursday. In February. And apparently, it’s this Valentine guy’s day, or something. Who knows?

As lovey-dovey couples join together to spend ridiculous amounts on heart-shaped chocolates (which, as I found out last year, taste NOTHING like hearts), overpriced single red roses (what do you do with a single rose? Bite onto it during a tango?), and inconvenient, heart-shaped foil balloons (which also tastes nothing like real hearts), the rest of us that aren’t hypnotized will spend the day like any other Thursday.

So to make the day easier to pass, I’ve collected together my favourite Valentine’s Day-themed memes. Enjoy!

Had to start with Forever Alone:

I actually told my friend this (in Admiral Ackbar’s voice, of course). He didn’t believe me. We shall see who the wiser one is tomorrow:

Of course Grumpy Cat has something to say:

To make all the singles feel better:

Oh, what the heck. The best Valentine’s Day card I could find:

So there you have it. Happy Valentine’s to all…

…Valentine’s, Schmalentine’s.

Editor’s note: SocialGO is not responsible for the thoughts of the Office Forever Alone. The Office Forever Alone does not represent the general attitude towards Valentine’s Day, couples or any love-related matter, and this article should not be construed as such. We apologise for his words. He’s like that on days like these. Have a wonderful Valentine’s, everyone!

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