Get Well Cheryl Fansite

For many people, celebrities are an important part of modern society. People unite over a shared love or hatred of a particular media personality. In the case of the unfortunate Cheryl Cole, her adoring and supportive fans were eager to show their support when she was diagnosed with Malaria. Get Well Cheryl is a social network dedicated to the singer, song writer and X Factor judge. The site covers all things Cheryl but  focuses primarily on her condition.

The owner of knew that the public reaction needed a forum. A place where fans could get together and share their love for Cheryl as well as their support. The site provides the means for fans to upload pictures, videos, poems and letters as well as an opportunity for them to network with each other and make new friends. is a great example of how specialised social networking sites can generate revenue. The site is free to join but the owner earns through advertising revenue which remains high as long as public interest in Cheryl does.

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