Givted Now Makes Gifting Social Too

Although you can argue all day whether social networks have made us more “social” or less “social” (see grandparents for the latter argument), our generation definitely interact a lot online. Crowdfunding has become a niche in this field of online social interaction, using the power of the crowd to generate funds for a project, purpose or campaign. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are prime examples of excellent crowdfunding platforms that have led to the discovery and launch of some amazing creations – all backed by a group of people that believe in the idea.

Givted is a new crowdfunding platform that really drives home the social element. And it’s very possible for commonfolk like you and I to be funded for, without being tinkerers and inventors. Givted solves that one annoying problem we all have with finding gifts for friends, in a new, inventive way.

It’s all quite simple, really.

1. Say, it’s your birthday coming up, or Christmas is just around the corner – You, as potential gift receiver, create a want list of potential gifts you’d like (note: very different from a wish list – these are things you actually WANT!). These can be taken from anywhere on the web, much like other visual bookmarking platforms such as Pinterest.

2. You can sign in with Facebook, but you’ll need to create a “real” friends list – a list of true buddies you’d expect to get you something. Where you draw that line, depends on you…

3. Your friends then choose a pressie in your want list to crowdfund amongst themselves. Those eight random stocking-fillers become that one awesome thing you wanted all year long!

4. Those funds become a cash gift card sent to you, along with a personalised card, which you can redeem online for the exact value of the item on your want list.

5. You go ahead and get yourself that one thing you actually really wanted! No money or effort wasted!

BAM. Christmas: sorted. Birthdays: sorted. Weddings: Sorted. Baby shower: sorted. Anniversaries: sorted. Well – maybe not that last one. I guess you don’t really crowdfund an anniversary gift to your wife. Unless polygamy is your thing, in which case I guess this works out perfect.

Givted has utilised social networking in a clever way to solve an age-old dilemma. It combines shopping, social network friends, visual bookmarking, quick online transactions… everything we know and love online. All this to achieve that one thing we all always wanted:

A  life-size replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.
Get on that, “real” friends.

So would you try out Givted? What would be on your want list? Tell us in the comments down below!

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