Google I/O Conference Announces G+ Changes

The Google I/O Conference is basically the big event for Google to announce its latest works. Many are excited to see news on the Spotify-challenger Google Play Music All Access, fantastic Google Maps update and intuitive conversational search engine. On the social media platform, Google+ is also receiving a good chunk of saucy updates.

With this update, photos in Google+ will be edited automatically with the skin being smoothed out and levels evening out. Google will even create HDR photos for users, so expect to see the general quality of photos there go up. Photos can also be up to 15 GB in size, so highest quality photos can be uploaded to the server. But perhaps what sounds most exciting is that sequential photos can be made into GIFs easily as well, which will be an awesome addition of meme-worthy content onto the social network.

So anything in particular that piqued your interest in particular at the Google I/O Conference? Tell us in the comments below!

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