Inside SocialGO #1 – The ‘Canvas’ Theme

SocialGO Canvas Sidebar

We know that people need control over what their website looks like – without having to rely on web designers. While our design team has built some amazing themes for instant beautification, we understand that a lot of folks want to spend time creating something personal to them or their brand. Something they’re proud of.

We wanted to give our users the chance to customize pretty much everything about their design – without having to go near a line of HTML or CSS code.

Enter the SocialGO ‘Canvas’ theme!

Backgrounds, fonts, colors, layouts, borders, sizes – most elements of your SocialGO site can be completely customized through the Canvas options menu. If this particular framework looks familiar, it’s been built based on the WooThemes Canvas framework. We had WooThemes founder Adii over to SocialGO HQ last year to give us a hand structuring our theming in V2.

V2 contains a flexible templating and theming system, meaning that in future releases we will be able to offer more varied and structurally different themes. At the moment our interface only allows for interface control of 30% of the undercover smarts. We are working on exposing more to you guys as quickly as we can. We want design to be a key part of the SocialGO product. No longer should social networks have to look like a bad MySpace profile.

We will be adding additional theme options to our other themes, but for the moment Canvas gets the full suite!


SocialGO Canvas Sidebar
To access the Canvas menu:

  • Log in to your Admin Panel
  • Select Setup > Theme
  • Choose ‘Canvas’ & click ‘Edit Theme’
  • While the menu is newbie friendly, the canvas theme is also what you’ll be looking for if you want to take the reigns and use your own custom CSS stylings.

    Select the ‘Disable All CSS Stylings’ option if you want to design your site using a fresh slate

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