More server moving!

As you might’ve heard, we’re in the process of moving our servers to a new home that will allow us to provide you with better speed and stability. Our technical team have been hard at work at this migration for months now, prepping everything to go as smoothly as possible, and we are into the second part of the big server move.

This time, we will be moving all the websites with the ‘’ and the ‘’ domains created before January 2012 to our new servers. This big move will be done in stages, which will allow us to test that each section is working before we move safely onto the next. We are not expecting any downtime during the initial stages, but as this is a big migration, the odd problem might arise. However, our developers, programmers and system administrators are monitoring the process very closely to shut down any pesky issues that do surface. We will give plenty of notice as we move to the later stages of the migration, which might cause a few minutes of downtime as we update our core servers. More information will be updated as the migration progresses. As always, if you do come across anything significant, please feel free to contact us through support here.

Your patience and understanding is much appreciated! This is just another big step we are taking to hopefully provide a better platform for you and your community.


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