New Admin Center and Member Billing are here!!

The long awaited new Admin Center has arrived featuring the new SocialGO member billing tool. We’ve had a great response since it quietly went live last week, so many thanks for those of you who have been in touch.


With member billing, you can charge members regular or one off subscription fees, in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, or Euros. These payments can be required, or optional – it’s all controlled by you, the network owner!

Users will receive the payments page alongside the sign-up form with a link through to PayPal to complete the subscription to your network, with payment going straight in to your PayPal account.


The new admin centre has a bunch of redesigned and greatly improved features, including the network designer where you can fully customize the appearance of your network:


The ‘Access Settings’ section where you can set controls and restrictions to your network:


The ‘Home Page Widgets’ section, where you can add and manage widgets to your home page:


The ‘Pages and Tabs’ feature, where you can rename, reorder and edit content of your tabs:


And the ‘Custom Profile Questions’ section where you can add and manage questions for your members:


Each part of the admin center has been carefully redesigned not only to look better, but to be much easier to use, and much more functional. We believe the easier it is for you to organize your network, the more successfully you will be able to manage and run your network!

Remember, all feedback is useful, so take a look at the new features and try them out, and let us know what you think here



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