The Baseball Brigade Hits a Home Run on SocialGO

Launched in 2015, the Baseball Brigade is an interactive, practical, and innovative baseball social network. It welds key elements of major social media platforms into a single portal for baseball fans, players, parents, coaches, and collectors. The Baseball Brigade is focused on forging camaraderie, growing an entertaining but trusted digital baseball news and resource publishing outlet, and providing members an upstanding marketplace to promote baseball goods, services, and events.

Using the PRO platform, which offers a powerful, modern social site experience, the team at Baseball Brigade knew they made the right choice immediately. They tell us, “Our team at the Baseball Brigade really like SocialGO for its incredible flexibility and ease of use. We tried other social media platforms, but what sets SocialGO apart is that the dashboard behind the social network does not require a user’s manual to utilize effectively. It gives users enough tools to successfully develop a solid social network, but it does not provide so many that one feels overwhelmed.”

Beyond the superb functionality and ease of use SocialGO offers, they were also impressed with the outstanding customer support given standard to all site owners: “SocialGO’s support staff is highly professional, efficient, and replies to requests for support in a timely matter.”

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