Givted Now Makes Gifting Social Too

Although you can argue all day whether social networks have made us more “social” or less “social” (see grandparents for the latter argument), our generation definitely interact a lot online. Crowdfunding has become a niche in this field of online social interaction, using the power of the crowd to generate funds for a project, purpose or campaign. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are prime examples of excellent crowdfunding platforms that have led to the discovery and launch of some amazing creations – all backed by a group of people that believe in the idea.

Givted is a new crowdfunding platform that really drives home the social element. And it’s very possible for commonfolk like you and I to be funded for, without being tinkerers and inventors. Givted solves that one annoying problem we all have with finding gifts for friends, in a new, inventive way.

It’s all quite simple, really.

1. Say, it’s your birthday coming up, or Christmas is just around the corner – You, as potential gift receiver, create a want list of potential gifts you’d like (note: very different from a wish list – these are things you actually WANT!). These can be taken from anywhere on the web, much like other visual bookmarking platforms such as Pinterest.

2. You can sign in with Facebook, but you’ll need to create a “real” friends list – a list of true buddies you’d expect to get you something. Where you draw that line, depends on you…

3. Your friends then choose a pressie in your want list to crowdfund amongst themselves. Those eight random stocking-fillers become that one awesome thing you wanted all year long!

4. Those funds become a cash gift card sent to you, along with a personalised card, which you can redeem online for the exact value of the item on your want list.

5. You go ahead and get yourself that one thing you actually really wanted! No money or effort wasted!

BAM. Christmas: sorted. Birthdays: sorted. Weddings: Sorted. Baby shower: sorted. Anniversaries: sorted. Well – maybe not that last one. I guess you don’t really crowdfund an anniversary gift to your wife. Unless polygamy is your thing, in which case I guess this works out perfect.

Givted has utilised social networking in a clever way to solve an age-old dilemma. It combines shopping, social network friends, visual bookmarking, quick online transactions… everything we know and love online. All this to achieve that one thing we all always wanted:

A  life-size replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.
Get on that, “real” friends.

So would you try out Givted? What would be on your want list? Tell us in the comments down below!

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Exclusive Instagram Trailer for Steve Jobs Movie

You know who’s sexy? Ashton Kutcher.

You know who’s sexier? Steve Jobs.

Yes, everyone’s favourite glossy-white, touch-screeny, ergonomic, black-turtleneck-‘n’-jeans-wearing Apple man, the late Steve Jobs, is getting his own movie, adequately titled, Jobs. In fact, there will be not one, but TWO Jobs-centric movies coming out, this being the indie one. And rightfully so, seeing as Mark Zuckerberg got his a while ago. Jobs’ legacy lives on to be truly inspirational to many a tech-heads alike.

And who else to play the sexiest nerd to grace the podiums than Ashton Kutcher, the abs-on-legs? Although arguably, Bill Gates is pretty darn sexy too. But back to the point at hand: at which point in Jobs’  life did he have those totally well-defined abs? I want to see pics of THAT Jobs.

I’m honestly just waiting to see Kutcher all made-up to look like the primetime, old Jobs with the glasses that we all know and love. Kutcher even went all “Christian Bale” on his method acting and put himself on Jobs’ fruitarian diet to achieve the look, which didn’t end too well for him, as he landed himself at a hospital. But the fruits of his labour (pun intended) seemed to pay off, as an exclusive trailer has made its way onto Instagram in true social media glory, and even though we only really get a tiny glimpse of his bearded goodness in this version, it seems like he looks the part, through and through.

For a fuller look of the movie Jobs, check out the full trailer below.

So, will you be catching this movie when it hits theatres on 16th August? Also, which tech hero deserves a movie next after Zuckerberg and Jobs? Tell us in the comments below!

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Vine teases its new features… using Vine!

Skyrocketing to popularity, Vine has found its niche in today’s social media platforms. But it hasn’t been without its faults, and users have noted endless ways in which its simplicity could be improved upon. Lo and behold, without disappointing users, Vine has released teasers for its upcoming new features.

And what better way to do so than by via a Vine! Co-founders Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov tweeted out Vine videos on Wednesday with glimpses at what the new Vine\ will look like:

So what do you think these mysterious Vines represent? Tell us in the comments below!

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SocialGO’s website relaunch and renaming!

In an effort to make introducing SocialGO to your friends, families, colleagues, pets, and other living organisms in your life easier, we’ve been preparing a website relaunch and platform renaming! Check out our spankingly brand new site here!

In addition to this pristine and sparkly new website, we’ve also gone ahead and renamed our platforms! We heard you loud and clear when some of you had some confusion with the naming of our platforms, so from now on:

“SocialGO” becomes…. “SocialGO Pro
“Network Maker” becomes…. “SocialGO Classic

It’s that simple! The platforms themselves haven’t changed, but hopefully, this will make distinguishing them simpler. Besides, they sure have a nice ring to it!

Because of these changes, the third price plan has also had a change of title:

The “Starter Plan” remains as the “Starter Plan”
The “Premium Plan” remains as the “Premium Plan”
The “Pro Plan” becomes…
the “Ultimate Plan” for SocialGO Pro and the “Professional Plan” for SocialGO Classic

Again, the details of the plans haven’t changed for existing users, but the renaming will help bring them in line with the new platform names. So why all the sudden changes? Well, we’re all about moving forward here at SocialGO. And with this small relaunch and refreshening, we hope it will give us the little boost we need to break boundaries! We’re always aiming to improve our platforms, our service, and our features, so see this as a push to get us onto more exciting things for our users!

So, as always, Tally-H0, SocialGO!

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The First Snoopy Vine Is Out!

Our previous post on the SocialGO blog announced the Peanuts partnership with Khoa Phan, which was of course met with giddy excitement. You just can’t go wrong with stop-motion paper Snoopy.

Khoa has finished his first creation for Peanuts Worldwide as part of the 12-Vine deal to promote Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip and various projects behind the brand (including the promising 3D animated movie). And it stars none other than everyone’s favourite beagle… SNOOPY!

The remaining 11 Vines will focus on Snoopy’s dog house, Linus’ blanket, Lucy’s psychiatry booth, Schroeder’s music, Woodstock, football, baseball, the Great Pumpkin, the kite-eating tree and the Little-Red-Haired Girl.

Which one are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below!

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New Slo-Mo Editing Tool On YouTube

Fact: Shootouts are 300% cooler and more badass when in slo-mo.
Fact: Things explode bigger and brighter when they are done so in slo-mo.
Fact: These facts are completely made up.

But putting things in slow-motion is pretty darn cool. Which might explain why YouTube has implemented a new slow-motion enhancement tool to its built-in editor on Tuesday, so that you don’t have to be John Woo to produce something awesomely slow (CGI doves not included in the editor).

YouTube’s built-in video editor currently features a variety of different effects that users can apply when editing their videos. The newest slo-mo effect was developed in-house at YouTube, using frame analysis to blend intermediate frames together. This gives the illusion that the original video was shot with a high-speed camera.

So will you be using this anytime soon? What would you shoot in slo-mo? Tell us in the comments below!



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Stakhovsky Uses Twitter To Fight Line Call At French Open

We’ve seen Twitter used in a number of funny ways: It’s a great marketing tool, a mini stop-motion theatre, and a fantastic way to make enemies – all in one, micro-blogging platform. But this is the first time it’s been used as a way to dispute a line call in an official sporting match. And boy, do we hope this catches on!

Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky stopped play, mid-game at the French Open on 27th May, to use his iPhone to take a pic of a disputed line call. This was during the first-round loss to France’s Richard Gasquet, and the call in question occurred in the first set when Stakhovsky’s argument with the chair umpire failed.

He put down his racket, went to get his iPhone and leaned down close to the red clay to capture a close-up shot of a mark near the line. Stakhovsky then later went to Twitter to present the image to the masses. It seems like his plan is to show the photo to French Open officials in an attempt to avoid losing prize money, but not before tweeting it out as a way of sticking it to the man.

So what do you think? A prideful, stance to get the public on his side on an unjust call, or a petty ‘neener-neener’ at French Open officials? Tell us in the comments below!


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YouTube Comedy Week!

What sets YouTube head and shoulders above the rest of the many free video hosting sites across the Internet are its consistent content contributors, many of whom have used the platform to launch their comedy series and careers.

This week is YouTube’s first ever Comedy Week, where YouTube has organised and pulled together some of the top comedians from all its channels to go all-out on a week of funny videos and live events. It’s the first of its kind, and will be a good gauge as to whether this sort of community-driven, high-production value, week-long campaign can work for the likes of YouTube.

Some big YouTubers you’ll be seeing include the Sauce Boss himself, Harley from Epic Meal Time; the viral, auto-tuning Gregory Brothers from the schmoyoho channel; the amazing, universe-crossing, Epic Rap Battles of History from Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter; ‘best-friends-in-denial’ duo, Jake and Amir from the massive CollegeHumor team; the biggest of the classic YouTubers, Ryan Higa from nigahiga; and of course (a personal favourite of mine!), the queen of Hazing, Grace Helbig from DailyGrace! It’s quite the line-up of comedic talents, and that’s not even all of them! YouTube has really plucked the cream of the crop for this all-out laugh-fest, and are hedging their bets on some of the best and most unique channels to ever grace its platform (pun intended).

On top of all that native talent, YouTube has gone the extra mile to pull out some famous familiar faces for its stage as well. Sarah Silverman, The Lonely Island, and Dave Mitchell are among a few names more well-known outside of the YouTube community, who have all had success hosting some of their content on the platform, too. It’s an interesting mix, and perhaps the little boost that Comedy Week needed to take the veteran YouTubers to the next level. It’s a neat trick to hopefully expand the audience that YouTube channels currently reach, and to introduce the crossing of platforms between traditional, televised media and free online content.

And YouTube really spared no expenses. Its advertising campaign is not only everywhere on the site, but has extended to more traditional spaces. Newspapers and even buses are decked with large promotional ads, and its a new sight that YouTube is really taking a big step into drawing a more traditional market. Whether this proves to have a significant impact on not only Comedy Week, but also long-term audiences, will be interesting to note.

So will you be tuning into YouTube Comedy Week? And who are you most excited about watching? Tell us in the comments below!

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