SocialGO Version 2 is coming

SocialGO Version 2 is Coming

We are excited. After a year of hard work on our new platform, we are fast approaching the point where you can get involved. The SocialGO Version 2 platform has been the primary focus of our development team for the past six months, it is the result of our 3 years experience and thousands of pieces of feedback from our customers.

When we started SocialGO, social networking was a niche category of website in its infancy. Fast forward 3 years and social is no longer a niche, but an integral part of everything we do online. Customers expect the services and sites that they use to be social. It has become a layer in most experiences, on mobiles, games and in applications, and we at SocialGO only see this adoption accelerating.

When we started our Version 2 product, we didn’t look at making another “social network maker”, we looked at making a platform which could power websites in the modern social age. We looked as much at where we are going as where we have been and think that SocialGO Version 2 is going to be a unique platform delivering people the power, flexibility and connectivity to create connected, social websites for their businesses, groups and interests.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the preview site is going live at This site will run in parallel with the existing SocialGO platform as the service goes through it’s beta phase. Feedback will be collected and the featureset fully rolled out, tweaked and adjusted. The beta program is unique in that people who recommend others to register will gain priority access.

We expect to allow people to start creating sites on Version 2 in February with existing premium customers being amongst the first in to preview the platform. As it becomes production ready, we will offer a migration tool for existing customers to move their data over. More details on this will follow in the coming months.

The Version 2 platform marks a big technical leap forward for SocialGO, giving us the power and flexibility to create a cutting edge service. We look forward to helping you create beautiful, rich social websites on V2 for the businesses and projects that you are involved in.

V2 is about allowing people to create Social Websites, but the term “Social Website” may be unclear to some, so here is a brief overview of how we at SocialGO define it :

  1. Container : This is the core of your website. The look and feel, the privacy settings, the domain name, the navigation, the templating engine, the internationalization system, the user registration system…. Imagine a nicely decorated house with no furniture in it and you are pretty close. The Container in V2 is extremely advanced and will offer unparalleled flexibility going forward.
  2. Content : The Content is pretty self explanatory. It’s the text, photos and videos that you publish and share on your website. In V2 we have tried to make the publishing of content in the form of a revolutionary “posts framework”, as simple and flexible as possible.
  3. Community : The community is the “Social” part of The Social Website. It’s the ability for people to not just read the content on your site but respond, share and contribute to it. Websites in 2011 are about conversations with your visitors, about allowing them to share content with their social graph and easily use their existing identities on Facebook and Twitter to participate without filling in a 20 field signup form.

One of the most important shifts in our V2 platform is the change in structure of social websites. For a long time, social networking websites all looked the same with a tab for videos, a tab for blogs, a tab for photos and on every other platforms customers are still being pushed into this mold. The innovation in the social web has seen huge growth in social applications that are a million miles away from this. With our Version 2 platform we want to break down these barriers and allow end-users to create contemporary social websites that resemble their unique audiences, rather than….well let’s be honest, MySpace in 2007.

We are not going to do this entirely on our own. We are working with some fantastic partners including WooThemes, WordPress’s largest and most popular theme developer. Adii Pienaar, founder of WooThemes spent time with us at SocialGO HQ this summer to help with the development of our new V2 theme engine. We plan to make some of WooThemes’s most popular themes available on the SocialGO V2 platform, starting with Canvas during the beta program.

We will continue to post more information on V2 during the next few months. For updates please :

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