SocialGO welcomes Kasabian

SocialGO is thrilled to announce our partnership with the popular rock band Kasabian. Their new fan community website – – is fully powered by SocialGO, and allows Kasabian fans from all over the world to come together, stay in touch with the latest news, interact with the band and connect with other fans.

What’s on the site?

The band uses the blog to keep their fans up to date, which includes video diaries from their tour, competitions and general updates from the band.

When members log-in, they can create their own profile and connect with other fans through IM chat, the forums and ‘The Wall‘. Members can register instantly with their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

The chaps in the band even have their own ‘Test-Transmission’ blog for off-topic posts and funny things they want to share with their fans. Great idea!

Kasabian and SocialGO is an example of how a social website can be a fantastic way to complement a band’s existing social media strategy.

Facebook pages are becoming an essential way for bands to post basic updates and news. But when it comes to really connecting and sharing with fans, the feature-rich community environment of a social website can give a band far more control and insight into their online fanbase.

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