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Tips on updating your business’ Facebook Page

It’s very common for a business, small or massive, to have a Facebook Page. It’s just too large an opportunity to miss out on engaging with consumers. Whilst setting one up is relatively simple, it’s important to make sure it is … Continue reading

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SocialGO is a Great Marketing Tool

When the owners of Earthlings started their SocialGO network, they weren’t yet ready to sell their baby clothing products. Even so, they persevered and built a healthy, online community so that when they were ready to sell, they had constant … Continue reading

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The 150 Member Chasm

Filling your network with members is often the most challenging part of building a network.  In particular, getting through what we call “The 150 Members Chasm” is at the centre of this challenge. What is “The 150 Member  Chasm”?  This … Continue reading

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A Novel Promotion – Conspiracy365.co.uk

Conspiracy 365 is a collection of 12 action packed novels by Australian crime writer, Gabrielle Craig Lord. On New Year’s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning: “They killed your father. They’ll … Continue reading

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