What can SocialGO do for you as a musician or as a band?

So you rock. You’re dope. And you have a following. Whether that be a million screaming fans, or just a small group that truly knows what real music is, that following needs a hub.

Remember this? Of course you do.

What about this? You must remember this.

What do these two huge hits have in common? Both artists use SocialGO as their way to keep in touch with the masses that are their fans, and connected they are.

SocialGO‘s capacity for media is perfect for music-dedicated sites. People can share covers they have done, or shaky hand-captured footage from their last concert. You can upload pics of where your next gig will be, or where people might be able to find your next album. And you can embed your music video from YouTube so that everyone that comes to your site has a chance to watch it.

It’s also important to get to know your fans. Members can create profiles, and open forums, so you can meet the people that enjoy your music and understand why. You can ask questions like “Where do you want the next stop of my tour to be?”, or “What kind of artists would you like to hear me feature with?”. And keep a personal blog, so that the fans can also get to know you, and to keep posted.

Of course, there are also practical tools to complete your SocialGO site. Make sure you have a shop tab, so fans can grab your latest tracks and stock up on merchandise. Integrate your Facebook and Twitter so all your notifications will get pushed automatically, so that no one in your network misses a beat.

So to paraphrase Soulja Boy, “CRANK DAT SOCIALGO“! Okay, I admit, that was a bit of a stretch. But do check us out at SocialGO. We might just be exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re a solo artist or a band.

Check out Soulja Boy’s SocialGO and Kasabian’s SocialGO for what your site could look like!

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