What is YouTube?

If you ever wanted to watch mind-blowing cat clips, epic fails (NSFW), or a fantastic horse-dancing superstar, YouTube is the place for all of that. But beyond just hosting a colossal compendium of randomness, there are many channels on YouTube that have very valuable, community-based, regular content.

When it comes to video hosting, YouTube undoubtedly stands as one of the most popular sites. It’s also very easily integrated with other social media outlets such as FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Tumblr, which can help to maximise the exposure of your video content. For example, on Facebook, if you post a video, you can get an image preview of the link.

Whilst the topic of creating regular content for YouTube is a massive universe in itself (which will have to wait for another post!), there are a few basic tips for the first time YouTube user. Before anything, you’ll have to create an account (which, again, is easily integrated with your Google account). As a content creator, this will allow you to upload videos onto your channel, and for those that enjoy your content to subscribe to you.

Even as a viewer (or “viewser”, as some might say), it can be incredibly handy to have an account. Whilst some may argue that the casual browsing of catchy autotune songs won’t necessitate that, having an account allows you to favourite videos (to re-watch and share later), post comments (caution: beware of flame wars! [NSFW]), make playlists (like the “Super sad break-up songs because my ex is a jerk” playlist and the “Recipes for meals I’ll never be bothered to cook” playlist) and to subscribe to channels you want to keep up-to-date with.

Whilst just having a favourites list is all well and good, subscribing to channels with steady streams of well produced content can actually provide you with a quality source of regular entertainment as much as television does. I, for one, have a wide variety of channels that I watch on a daily basis that ranges from YouTube exclusive music to Q ‘n’ A’s to news, and everything in between.

So what kind of YouTube channels do you subscribe to? Make sure one of those subscriptions is to the SocialGO channel! Thumbs up and favourite!


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