For the everyday user looking to easily create a custom social network using preset configuration

Add Social Features To Empower Your Site

Have all the building blocks you need to create the ideal social experience for the members of your site. Whatever the focus of your social network may be, users will be able to start using it in an instant.

Connect Your Site With Other
Social Media

Pre-configured to connect with popular social media platforms, make your site the sole online presence your members will need. Facebook registration makes signing up a breeze. You can also choose to bring in content such as embedded videos from YouTube and images from Flickr to make sure your social network is the centre of all your social media.

Drag-And-Drop To Full Customization

The Layout Manager is a simple system that helps you build your site by dragging the features you want and dropping them exactly where you want them. The Network Designer makes personalizing the design, colors and theme of your website effortless, or you can choose from one of our professionally designed templates.

If you want, have our team of professionals design your site for you. Check out our Design and Build Packages.

Host Your Social Network In Your Own Language

We know language should be no barrier to growing an expansive and global social network, so all text on your site is customizable. You can choose to change a single word, add your own language or select from one of our preconfigured language packs, to build the ideal environment for your social network.

Communicate With Audio & Video Chat

Connect members of your social network, wherever they are in the world. Utilize instant messaging, audio chat and video chat to make the experience more personal and let your members really get talking.

Make Money Out Of Your Social Network

A booming social network is the ideal opportunity to monetize, and there are a variety of ways to do so. Bill all members for access to your site, offer premium content to paying users only by setting up custom member levels, or add your own advertising into our preset, ideal zones.

  • Full Control & Easy Management Of Your Content

    Administrator and moderator controls allow you to oversee all the going-ons in your site, whether that be the groups, events, blogs or forums. You control who can add content, what that content can be and when it can be added. You can even set it so that any new content requires your approval, before it can be viewed by other members of your site. Reviewing existing content is easy, and you can assign new moderators at any time to help out as your site grows.

    The SocialGO In-house Support Team Is Here To Help

    Our experienced, responsive, in-house support team is ready to pounce on any queries you might have. Whether via email or by scheduled design-and-build consultation calls, they’ve got all the right answers. If you’re more inclined to find your own way around, we have a collection of text and video tutorials to help get your social network running.

    Build Your Own Branding With Full White Labeling & Free Custom Domain

    Full white labeling feature enables you to make your site individual and independent, removing all traces of the SocialGO brand. Set your website apart from the rest with a custom domain - which we’ll throw in for free.

    Own All Your Data

    What’s yours is yours, and we understand and respect the ownership of the content you worked hard to generate. SocialGO guarantees that we will never withhold from you what you’ve created. You’re free to take all your data whenever you want, and can do so by easily downloading or exporting it to utilize elsewhere.

    Unlimited Storage Space & Bandwidth

    Go all out with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. We know that a successful social network should have no boundaries when it comes to size.

    Top-tier Cloud Hosting

    Your website will be hosted on one of the world’s best cloud infrastructures, allowing us to grow with the demand of our users, and minimize downtime whilst maximizing security. Our System Administrators also monitor these servers very closely so that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly. However large your site becomes, we’re always ready to have the capacity to match it.

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  • Compared to other services, SocialGO Pro offers the kind of visibility and interconnection between services that I could only achieve previously by tediously updating several portals manually. - Dem From Coq Amok
  • The software is beautifully simple. We have a team of administrators with a range of technical expertise, and they all managed to build professional-looking pages. - Travis From Catalis Online
  • My community has grown rapidly over the last 18 months, as the SocialGO Pro format is great for members to communicate with each other. I simply could not have succeeded and grown my community without it. - Sam From Haynet
  • We found SocialGO Pro a very customizable platform, and one that serves the needs of our members really well. - Veli From Kid Start Connect
  • SocialGO Classic is simple and easy to use, and it looks so great too. By far the best place I’ve found to build a social networking community, and they offer it all for reasonable prices. - John From OMGr8573
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